Senseo 7810

Looking to save money on your daily espresso costs or interested in trying home espresso brewing for the first time? The Senseo 7810 is made for your situation. It lacks some of the features that distinguish more expensive pod espresso makers, but focuses on making 4 or 8 ounce shots the right way, every time.

Senseo 7810 – A Trusted Brand

The Senseo, with its electronic components by Phillips, is intended for individuals, couples, officemates, or roommates to share. The 7810 can produce up to five 4 ounce espresso shots or two 8 ounce servings can be brewed per full reservoir of water. Like many of the pod coffee machines, the Senseo 7810 can brew each cup in under a minute, making this unit a good choice for folks looking to shorten their coffee routine. A larger water reservoir is available from the manufacturer to increase the capacity of this pod coffee machine.

A Unique Cooking Style

Most professional espresso machines have high-pressure pumps that operate above 10 bars of pressure. That pressure is part of creating the unique flavor and texture of espresso. The Senseo uses an alternative “mild pressure system” that works at 1.2 bars of pressure by heating the water in a boiler and pushing it out of a pin-sized opening in the frothing chamber. That gives your coffee a smooth, even distribution.

Easy To Clean

All of the removable parts are dishwasher safe, meaning you can throw the pod holder, water reservoir, spout, drip tray, and cup tray in the dishwasher on the way out in the morning with no mess to come home to at the end of a shift at work or school.

If you’ve used any kind of coffee or tea brewing machine, you probably already know about scaling. If your drinking water tends to leave behind mineral deposits like calcium, it is important to keep an eye on your pod coffee machine and periodically de-scale the unit. Senseo recommends that you descale the 7810 at least every three months but as frequently as six times per year if needed.

It’s important to keep your espresso machine free of mineral deposits to make sure that the amount of water that goes into the cup remains consistent, that the temperature is accurate, that the machine doesn’t make undue noise or otherwise malfunction. Scaling can also lead to poor flavor in your coffee, so please keep an eye for signs of scaling and only descale using the procedure listed in the manual, which calls for citric acid and not the vinegar that is often recommended for cleaning coffee machines.

A Wealth Of Ideas

One great thing about Senseo pod coffee machines is that there are a lot of owners who use the web to share ideas for new ways to use Senseo units, and particularly on how to make your own Senseo pods to save money and provide the freedom to adjust your beans and your grind to suit your taste. You can even buy aftermarket pod tools to make your own pods if you don’t have an affordable retailer nearby and you don’t want to order pods from the online Senseo Store.

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