Pod Coffee Makers

It seems like pod coffee makers first appeared in my town only a few years ago, but now there are a wide variety of pod coffee makers available, and several different competing systems for producing the coffee pods themselves. Pod coffee makers run hot water through a “pod” of coffee or other drink (like tea, cider, etc). Pods are usually one serving per pod and not all pods are compatible with all pod coffee maker machines.

Why Use A Pod Coffee Maker?

I used to drink four or five cups of coffee per day, but I’ve cut back over the years to just two or three cups. Pod coffee systems have been a good idea for someone like me now that I am more interested in the quality and the flavor than the quantity. But pod coffee makers may not be for everyone. In fact, I keep my french press and my percolator in the cabinet for those times when I find some excellent beans at a shop or receive them as a gift.

There are some advantages to pod coffee makers that may make them a better decision for some people or households.

Reduced Preparation Time

As much as I enjoy coffee fresh and hot from the percolator, traditional methods of preparing coffee do take a lot of time. With a coffee pod maker, the coffee is brewed quickly and there is also less time measuring out the coffee, drawing the water, and cleaning the equipment. I brew coffee the old way when I have time to relax or am serving company, but after trying pod coffee I don’t have the patience to go through all of that work just for myself.

Less Waste

Pod coffee makers make it possible for solo coffee drinkers to quickly brew just the coffee they need without any waste or having to worry about beans going stale (which happens if you are the only coffee drinker in the house, like me).

Consistent Flavor and Temperature

Consistent flavor and temperature are the hallmarks of good coffee preparation. Coffee pod systems take the work out of brewing consistently good coffee. Once you find a pod you know you like, you can count on it coming out right, every time. This is why you’ll sometimes see pod coffee makers at restaurants and cafes.

Other Features

Most pod coffee makers nowadays also come with the ability to preprogram the unit. Some also offer a larger water reservoir, which can be handy but increases the amount of space the pod coffee maker takes up.

Other Factors for the Best Tasting Pod Coffee

Just like with any brewed beverage, the quality of the ingredients and the water will also play an important role in whether you get the most out of a pod coffee maker. Pod coffee makers typically suggest you periodically “descale” the reservoir of their pod coffee units to prevent buildup from the water. Other options for guaranteeing good water quality for your pod coffee maker include bottled water or distilled water.

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