Keurig B70

The Keurig B70 Platinum Single-cup Home Brewing System is a great choice for a family or office to brew fresh coffee, tea, and other beverages without worry about frequent water refills or the mess of a traditional brewing system. It’s no surprise that Keurig is making an interesting product either – their K-Cup technology (which we’ll talk about later) has shaken up the coffee scene by fresh coffee in amazing flavors without a mess. The B70 brews hot coffee in less than a minute, meaning that the single serving sizes will not slow down a busy morning when a few people are waiting their turn for coffee or tea.

What Are K-Cups, Anyway?

Keurig’s pod coffee makers use the K-Cup system, which offers more than 200 varieties of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Like with all pod coffee systems, using the Keurig B70 means no measuring out coffee, water, and flavorings manually and no waiting for a pot of coffee to brew. By using the K-Cup pod system, you can also keep a wide variety of beverages on hand and ready to brew without having to worry about keeping beans or leaves fresh.

Cleanup and Upkeep

Our cleanup routine for the B70 was pretty simple, consisting of a wipedown at least once a day. We use bottled water for our pod coffee maker, so I don’t have to worry about de-scaling the water reservoir, but the manual does contain instructions on how to do that periodically if you are using water that leaves mineral deposits. You absolutely will need to take care of that if you do, because poorly kept appliances can house mold and other nasties. One great thing about the reservoir on this unit is that it contains a full 60 ounces of water storage, which lasts on average for 6-10 cups depending on the serving size. This reservoir does translate to a larger size: the B70 weighs about 12 pounds empty and about 15 pounds full.

Distinctive Bonuses of the Keurig B70

The Keurig Ultra B70 package came with a typical 12 K-Cup variety pack of pods, but this box also included four more 12-count packs from various coffee roasters, which was a nice touch. One distinctive feature of the B70 is that it also includes a reusable coffee filter if you want the convenience of the pod coffee machine but want to use your own ground coffee instead of the K-Cups. This not only gives you more intimate control over your roast, but it also a little better for the environment.

Other options include a setting to control the strength of your coffee (mild, medium, or strong) and the water temperature. The B70 is configured for five different sizes of cups and mugs from 4 ounces up to 12 ounces, and is built with a removable drip tray in order to fit oversized mugs that wouldn’t normally fit in a pod coffee maker. One feature that’s always important in my household is an energy savings mode that automatically turns off the coffee maker if you forget. Very useful!


You might want to skip this one if you’ve got a family of coffee drinkers who all rush to get the first pot in the morning, but the B70 is an awesome solution for anyone who needs a one cup coffee maker and wants to wow friends and relatives.

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