Keurig B40

Are there two coffee fanatics in your house who each like very different types of coffee? The Keurig B40 “Elite Brewing System” is the entry model for Keurig’s famous pod coffee maker line. Like its larger and more sophisticated cousins, the Keurig B40 can brew individual cups of coffee (also tea, hot chocolate, and iced beverages) in a little less than one minute. The B40 is sized for an individual, a couple, or small office use, and therefore has a smaller footprint on the countertop than some other Keurig’s at the cost of fewer features and a somewhat smaller water reservoir.

Meet The Keurig B40

The Keurig B40 offers a basic two-size selection (8 ounces or 10 ounces) and uses the K-Cup system, which means that you have access to a wide variety of blends and beverage types. The K-Cup product line also includes a filter unit that you can use to brew with your own blends, though that filter kit is not normally included with the B40. What you do get with the unit is 12 K-Cups, or just about enough to get the hang of using this machine.

Cleaning and Prep

The B40 uses a 48 ounce water reservoir, which can expect to handle about six cups of coffee depending on what serving size you use. One nice feature with the B40 is that you can completely remove the water reservoir to fill or clean it, which will be a lifesaver in places where hard water or other mineral buildups are an issue. Keurig has added a “descale indicator” to this model which will remind you when to remove buildup on the inside of the water tank, but of course it is a good idea to regularly look inside the tank just to make sure there isn’t too much buildup for the coffee maker to work correctly.

Like all pod coffee makers, the Keurig B40 allows you to avoid a lot of the prep work that goes into brewing a good cup of coffee, along with most of the cleaning that comes with the brewing process. If you are switching from making coffee to tea, for example, all you need to do is run a small water cycle through the nozzle and you are ready to go.

Warm Up Is A Con

One thing to be aware of if you are using a B40 is that it can take up to four minutes to warm up the water supply when you turn on the coffee maker for the first time. Obviously factors like water temperature and room temperature play a big effect on the amount of warm-up time, so you may find it takes less than four minutes to warm up for you. After the water is first warmed up, you can count on one cup of hot coffee (or other beverage) per minute. Not bad!

Like other Keurig units, the B40 comes with a removable drip tray, which means you can fill larger, travel-size mugs that wouldn’t normally fit under the dispenser. Another great Keurig feature included in the B40 is an automatic power switch that turns the coffee maker off after two hours for safety and energy conservation.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a compact, efficient coffee maker that will brew consistent, small batches of tasty coffee or other beverages, the UB40 is a sensible choice. It’s relatively quiet, making it a good choice for offices and small apartments where noise can be a distraction. Unless you have several coffee drinkers, tend to brew large batches at once, or expect other heavy use, the UB40 is a great way to try out a high-caliber pod coffee machine without paying a high sticker price.

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