Delonghi EC155

The Delonghi EC155 is the perfect machine for getting started with espresso at home or at the office. This unit shrinks the typical espresso machine down as small as it can go without losing key features – one of the great things about the EC155 is that it includes everything you need to properly steam and foam milk so that even with its small size you don’t sacrifice the freedom to make great milk-based drinks like latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or mocha. Of course the EC155 can also heat water for tea if that is your hot drink of choice.

Delonghi EC155 – The Perfect Gift?

The Delonghi EC155 is an affordable way to bring espresso to the kitchen and for that reason also makes a good gift for a coffee lover. Only a few dozen drinks and the EC155 can pay for itself – you sure can’t say that about all espresso machines! One of the convenient features of this espresso machine is that it can be operated with premeasured coffee pods or with ground coffee you have prepared for yourself.

Some manufacturers, like Keurig, ask customers to purchase an additional kit if they want to use their own coffee with a pod coffee machine, and other manufacturers force customers to resort to do-it-yourself pods to enjoy those excellent beans you brought back from vacation or received as a gift. Delonghi has designed the EC155 with a filter basket that can hold ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pods if you intend use this unit as a single-serve pod espresso machine.

Awesome Espresso Every Time

One of the secrets to good espresso is a strong pump to push the hot water through the grounds. The EC155 comes with a 15-bar pump designed to create satisfying espresso drinks despite the small size of this espresso machine. Another nice touch is the self-priming function and the solid stainless steel boiler, which work together to make sure that hot water is ready to go when you are ready to brew.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality on milk-based drinks like cappuccino with the this unit from Delonghi. The EC155 comes with a swiveling jet frother, which makes it easy to prepare milk. Dual thermostats means that water and steam pressure can each be set to your taste. You might find the size of the included milk cup to be a little awkward, so some people have found it easier to buy a different size depending on how they use the EC155.

Cleaning and Prep

Cleaning the EC155 is pretty straightforward. The 35-ounce (one liter) water reservoir is removable, along with the drip tray. Other cleaning tasks include periodically wiping down the unit, always after using the frothing wand, and using the automated cleaning cycle as indicated in the user guide. The only other cleaning work you’ll run into on a unit like this is the need to periodically check the water tank for scaling (that’s when minerals start to build up in the tank). The manual has the manufacturer’s recommendations for handling scaling, or you can do what I do and brew my coffee with high quality bottled water!

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