Pod Coffee Makers

It seems like pod coffee makers first appeared in my town only a few years ago, but now there are a wide variety of pod coffee makers available, and several different competing systems for producing the coffee pods themselves. Pod coffee makers run hot water through a “pod” of coffee or other drink (like tea, […]

Delonghi EC155

The Delonghi EC155 is the perfect machine for getting started with espresso at home or at the office. This unit shrinks the typical espresso machine down as small as it can go without losing key features – one of the great things about the EC155 is that it includes everything you need to properly steam […]

Keurig B40

Are there two coffee fanatics in your house who each like very different types of coffee? The Keurig B40 “Elite Brewing System” is the entry model for Keurig’s famous pod coffee maker line. Like its larger and more sophisticated cousins, the Keurig B40 can brew individual cups of coffee (also tea, hot chocolate, and iced […]

Keurig B70

The Keurig B70 Platinum Single-cup Home Brewing System is a great choice for a family or office to brew fresh coffee, tea, and other beverages without worry about frequent water refills or the mess of a traditional brewing system. It’s no surprise that Keurig is making an interesting product either – their K-Cup technology (which […]

Senseo 7810

Looking to save money on your daily espresso costs or interested in trying home espresso brewing for the first time? The Senseo 7810 is made for your situation. It lacks some of the features that distinguish more expensive pod espresso makers, but focuses on making 4 or 8 ounce shots the right way, every time.